Alex: me, the mom. 🙂 I stay at home with my wonderful sons during the day and teach piano and voice lessons in my evenings. I am passionate about loving my family, promoting health and safety for food allergic children, and encouraging others. I love to be absorbed in a great book or piece of music.

Josh: the dad. By day, my wonderful husband is a graphic designer at a law firm and by night he plays with the kids and enjoys his hobbies. He is super dad! I love him!!

Evan: My three year old on Josh’s lap in this picture trying to squirm away. Evan is full of life and to him, everything is an adventure. He has always been our snuggle bug and he is so intelligent and intuitive. Evan has a severe peanut allergy, as well as milk, egg, and tree nut mild allergies. This is the main reason why our family has gone vegan, and we are all the healthier for it! He is also in speech therapy and doing awesome!

Oliver: My sweet, sweet 2 year old. He is absolutely the cutest little 2 year old boy that I have ever known. He is always playing music; drums, guitar, singing, and dancing. He is absolutely a genius and amazes us everyday!


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