Hospital Easter 2013


Wow, what an amazing Easter weekend! I can’t even describe how wonderful it was to spend time with my family and just the love I felt from everyone. I really had worried that I would feel left out, but I didn’t feel that way at all. Josh and my parents made every effort to include me in every part of the day.

Saturday, Josh and the kids came to the hospital a little bit after lunch time and we played legos and watched “How to Train your Dragon.” Which the kids were only kind of into. I think it was a bit old for them. Then we went for a wheelchair walk outside in one of the courtyards and played more legos. They left a little bit after dinner time. Their being here made the day go by super fast!

Then on Sunday, Josh and the kids came by after the first service at church and we did Easter Baskets here at the hospital. They went out to lunch with family and then returned to see me for about an hour before heading to the yearly family Easter egg hunt. Josh called me through FaceTime during the egg hunt and it felt so close to bring there! Later, Josh brought me dinner from the get together and we spent a few more minutes together before the day ended.

Monday was harder, Monday went by so slowly. It was such a beautiful day and my mom took the boys with Anna and Noble out to play at the playground and out to lunch. Sometimes it is so hard to be away from them. Today was much easier. I spent most of the day reading a blog and resting, I was having a lot of back pain since I think Vivian has shifted somewhere quite uncomfortable. My sister in law Anna surprised me this afternoon and brought the boys by with cupcakes that they had made and these cute little bunny crafts. It was SO nice to see them and just wonderful of her to think to bring them by.

Josh is at the storage unit tonight trying to find our spare bed so that we can set it up downstairs, anticipating that I will be able to go home tomorrow or Friday. I have another ultrasound tomorrow morning where I will hopefully get the go ahead from my doctor. I think if he leaves it up to me at all this time I am going to choose going home!! This past week has driven me crazy being here! Please pray for me tomorrow and that once on home bedrest I will be able to maintain a similarly limited level of activity.

This was last Thursday when the boys were finally able to visit!



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