Weeks 21-29


Christmas came and went, Oliver FINALLY potty trained for good in January, and the girls continue to do great! They were both measuring very good which all of the doctors were happy about and I was always anxious to see them at each two week ultrasound, just to kind of check in.

My mother in law planned our first baby shower for the first weekend in March and I was so excited! Many of my friends from bible study and choir were going to attend as well as many of her friends and some family members. The baby shower was such a blessing, people were so generous with their gifts, but also with their prayers and blessings over our two little girls. I had a wonderful time and it was a baby shower that I will never forget! I was especially touched by family that had driven up from out of town to be there and the way everyone was just generally excited to be at a baby shower for twins! The identical twin ladies from my bible study who I am really getting to know better now were there and a friend of mine who also has 18 month old twin girls was there with her mother.

I had a doctor visit and ultrasound scheduled for the following Wednesday before my other baby shower that was happening the next Sunday. Wednesday arrived and so did a massive blizzard! They closed the doctor’s office and we were all snowed in for the whole day! Even Josh had to miss work, which gave him a long awaited opportunity to straighten up the house. It was all very timely, and we were able to get little housekeeping things done and an unexpected day to spend together as a family.

I called the OB office the next day to reschedule my ultrasound appt and they said they could see me that day at 1:30pm. Nothing had happened to cause me to be nervous, but I had a strange feeling the day before that something was different this time and I was actually very disappointed when they closed their office for the snow. I went into the appointment feeling quite normal and the nurse performed the cervical and anatomy ultrasounds. The babies as always were looking beautiful, Vivian was measuring at 3lbs, 9oz at 29 weeks old with her sister not far behind her and they had plenty of fluid.  Just perfect little girls.

When my perinatologist came in for our bi-weekly talk, he gave me the news that my cervix had shortened quite a lot in the last two weeks. I had gone from normal length (3-3.5 cm) to barely more than 1cm (about 11 millimeters). He told me that he was very concerned that I might be going into preterm labor and they wanted to monitor me for contractions. So, I went down to the other end of the office to see my OB and had my first NST (non-stress test) where they hook you and the babies up to three different little monitors, one for Vivian’s heartbeat, one for Violet’s, and one for contractions. They both sounded great and I don’t even think I had one contraction during that NST and when the doctor checked me I was closed and thin, so they decided to have me take the corticosteroid shots to speed up the babies lung development just in case they were born in the next week.  I picked up the medicine from the pharmacy and went back to the doctor’s office to get the first of the 2 shots. They sent me home on guidelines of modified bedrest and to return the next day for my second shot and told me if things progressed any more at my next appointment the following Monday that they would put me on hospital bedrest.

I spent the next couple of days preparing for the possibility of hospital bed rest and really just taking it easy. I still had some activity, but it was really reduced from before the bedrest. I posted on the Richmond Area Mothers of Multiples forum about my worries about bedrest and preterm labor and asked for advice. I got about 17 responses, 1 of which was from the Bedrest Support Person for the group. I was amazed that they had a bedrest support person and at the responses that I received! Everyone was so understanding and helpful, willing to share their story of either hospital or at home bedrest. It gave me such peace of mind to hear these stories with their wonderful outcomes and their suggestions from what to do to pass the time while I was in the hospital to specific things to ask for during my stay. But, at this point it was all “just in case” because I was just sure that I wouldn’t have to go in the hospital!

The first time I left the house since Thursday (except a short trip to the OB for my 2nd shot) was for my baby shower on Sunday which was thrown by my mother and sister in law and was mostly family and close family friends. It was a tea party baby shower and the decorations were beautiful. The food was amazing and I got to open a bunch of cute girly frilly things!

cute-outfits     cupcakes-and-flowers


decorations   ashsharalex

During the shower, we got a sitter for the kids at our house and my dad threw a “Diaper Party” for my husband where they watched the Avengers and ate a lot of pizza. I enjoyed the baby shower, but I think I would have been able to enjoy it a lot more had I not been on bedrest. I had to sit nearly the entire time I was there and wasn’t as able to interact with everyone as much as I would have liked to. But, I am very grateful that I was even able to be at this shower, we had it just in time.

The following morning, I had gotten a few things together in bags or different areas of the house for my husband to bring me just in case I didn’t come back home after my appointment. He called me a few hours after he got to work and asked who was taking me to the hospital. I realized that I had just planned on driving myself and he insisted that he needed to take me. I think he came to this decision per the suggestion of the ladies at work. And thank the Lord! I couldn’t have been more thankful for that. He picked me up that afternoon and we headed to the appointment. At the ultrasound they saw no cervical change, I was holding steady at a length of 1cm. As a precaution, my perinatologist called in one of the doctors in the practice who checked me and found that my cervix had progressed from closed and thin to 2cm dilated and 90% effaced. I didn’t believe them! I had been on bedrest all weekend and had still progressed! They told me I was going to the hospital.


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