Identical Twin Girls on the way!



Wow, so much has changed since I last updated this blog!! Also, I had no time for the past year to even look at it, so it’s no surprise. This blog is about to change from its previous ‘vegan cooking and food allergies’ focus to twin pregnancy because I am 30 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls!

Now that I have some extra time, since I am on hospital bedrest at the moment, I would like to use this blog to keep a record of the last hopefully months of my pregnancy as well as to catalog the journey thus far.

The Beginning

Who can ever expect to become pregnant with twins? Maybe you at least know that the risk is there if you have some family history of twins (which I do) or maybe if you used fertility help from your doctor. But, in this case, neither is the reason for our wonderful identical twin girls! Identical twinning happens at random and it cannot be replicated in medical science. Josh and I feel that it is a very special blessing and we are honored that God has chosen us to receive these precious babies.

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I started to get really tired and nauseas most of the time, which was unusual for me because with both boys I had little to no nausea, and certainly not severe. While I was doing the inevitable internet research on how to treat my nausea, I came up with a few sites that stated severe nausea in early pregnancy can be due to higher than normal HcG levels indicating a twin pregnancy. For each pregnancy, it was always in the back of my mind that it could be twins before that first 8 week ultrasound since there are twins on both sides of my family it just didn’t seem that uncommon. This time however, that feeling was even stronger, so I would bring it up with Josh every now and then and we would laugh off the possibility.

Then, at our 8 week ultrasound we were joking with the ultrasound tech about how we wanted to make sure there was ‘just one in there’ and she assured us that yes it was just one! Saying that to her prompted her to look around a bit more and she found something that she hadn’t expected. Everyone in the room got really quiet and then Josh said, “Wait, what’s that?” After poking and prodding a bit, the nurse had found a SECOND baby!! Baby B was hiding directly behind baby A and she could see that they were sharing a placenta which meant IDENTICAL TWINS! I was completely in shock, I mean this woman had just told me that there was definitely only one in there. I walked out of the office kind of in a daze and we sat down in the waiting room to see my ob. Next to us there was a young woman and her mother. I think I said something to Josh along the lines of, “I’m still in shock…” and the lady next to us asked us if we were having twins. I said yes and found out that the young woman was one of a set of identical twins! We talked about how much she loved having an identical twin sister and how it is such a special blessing. I started to get less freaked out and more excited.

I decided to text all of the family members my ultrasound picture showing two beans in there and oh boy were they shocked!! I showed the picture to my father in law, not saying anything about it being twins, and the look on his face was priceless! He said, “Is there… TWO of them?!?” I will never forget that.

And that sums up the day that I started this journey. After I found out they were twins, I thought, what am I going to say to them when they ask me, “Mom, why did God make me an identical twin?” I finally came up with my answer: “God loved you so much and you were so special that He decided to make two of you. And so that you would always have each other.” 🙂


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